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Ship deck finished with Osmo Decking Oil

Ship deck finished with Osmo Decking Oil - Osmo Canada Store

Captain Miranda is a school ship of the National Navy and a national emblem of Uruguay. The ship was built at the Astilleros de Matagorda (Cádiz) by the Spanish Society of Naval Construction in 1930. The ship is 55 m in length, 8 m in beam, 3.40 m in draft. It has diesel and sail propulsion as well as capacity for 47 crew members. At present, the school ship is making the XXXI Instructional Trip for young officers and is carrying our culture to the world.

In February before departure, maintenance was carried out, in which the deck wood was cleaned with Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel and then was protected with Decking Oil 1278 Bangkirai.

Now it's sailing around the world...

ship deck osmo decking oil osmo decking oil 1278 ship deck
osmo decking oil 1278 being applied ship sailing osmo wood finish

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