Did you say Japanese garden design for a financial company?

Did you say Japanese garden design for a financial company? - Osmo Canada Store

What comes to mind when you think about an office at a financial company? Boring design or stressful atmosphere? Today, your impression will change.

This is an office at a financial company located in Xiamen, China. To provide staff and guests a relaxing and cosy feeling, the designer created an unusual work environment there. Inspired by Japanese culture, this indoor office was designed as a Japanese garden with tearooms. Once you go through the normal entrance, there is a wooden bridge connecting to the garden area. When you were there, you see that many essential elements of a Japanese garden are in front of you: bonsai trees, bridge, stones, Zen garden, and so on.

To create a peaceful atmosphere with strong Japanese style, the designer even built eaves and wall panelling to separate different spaces. In addition, the tearoom is the perfect area for casual meeting with guests. When you opened the wooden Japanese-style sliding doors, you see a tea table & set, and cabinets made of high-quality wood; and staff can enjoy their tea with guests there.

In order to present these Japanese aesthetics perfectly, all wood products made from European Beech and all wood surfaces are finished with Osmo Spray Polyx 3078 as the base coat and Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original Clear Matt as the top coat.

Osmo coatings are made of natural oils and waxes, which are not only safe for humans and environmentally friendly, but its unique microporous surface is also water repellent and stain-resistant; all the while, the wood retains its natural touch and feel.

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