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FUNKT design studio - Osmo Canada Store

FUNKT is a studio for architecture, interior and product design. The name of the studio is related to functionality, which is an essential principle in the design process. Their desire is to create a naturally spacious environment with a great attention to detail and a respect for traditional craft approaches, to make people think and to trigger their emotions. FUNKT hopes that their work will make a contribution to the creation of a more human, sustainable and relaxed atmosphere.
FUNKT loves wood. For the best protection, they have chosen the Osmo natural oils - Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original Satin and Osmo TopOil Clear Matte. The wood surface is resistant to liquids, stains and wear.

Photos: Tihomir Rachev, Funkt, Nash Dom

funkt studio polyx oil tables polyx oil
tables osmo polyx oil tables osmo topoil
tables osmo topoil oak

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