One-of-a-kind Red Cedar house

One-of-a-kind Red Cedar house - Osmo Canada Store

This unique house is located in the one-of-a-kind environment of Lithuania. Canadian Red Cedar, was chosen for the construction of this house. The facade, decking and even the inside wooden floors are made of this wood. The 450 mm wide floorboards are quite a rare find in any building, let alone made from Canadian sourced wood and found in Lithuania! The project was carried out by UAB Geras Namas.

Materials and Osmo products used in this unique project:
Facade (Canadian Red Cedar) – Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Tints 428 Red Cedar
Decking (Canadian Red Cedar) – Osmo Decking-Oil 1279 Douglas Fir
Flooring (450 mm Canadian Red Cedar) – Osmo Polyx®-Oil 3043 Clear Satin

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red cedar osmo decking oil red cedar siding osmo uv protection oil
cedar flooring osmo polyx

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