Augmented reality steam bending with Osmo

Augmented reality steam bending with Osmo - Osmo Canada Store

Wood is an essential material in every culture around the world and it continues to inspire craftsmen to express creativity through both functional and expressive design. When responsibly managed, wood is a rapidly renewable resource and is constantly being evolved into new products that push the barriers of what people typically perceive as being associated with being made of wood such as: eyeglasses, wrist watches - or disrupting the way we see wood entirely by challenging the 20th century notion that only concrete and steel can be used to build skyscrapers. 

In September 2019 a wooden installation was created in the center of Tallinn, Estonia by combining historical steam bending with new way of construction, which uses augmented reality glasses to carry out the installation process. 

To make sure the installation has the best possible protection in the harsh Nordic weather, all wooden surfaces were coated with Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Extra 420. UV-Protection-Oil ensures that wood is optimally protected against the sun and UV; and that it continues to shine in its natural beauty for years to come. 

The masterpiece was created by Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham (Fologram), Igor Pantic, Sloomeen Hahm, Format Engineers and contributions to implementation by Estonian Centre of Architecture and number of volunteers.

steam bent osmo 420 steam bent sculpture osmo uv protection oil
steam bent sculpture osmo uv protection oil 420 steam bent sculpture tallin osmo uv protection oil 420

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