Polo Club protected with Decking Oil

Polo Club protected with Decking Oil - Osmo Canada Store

Argentine polo is recognized internationally for bringing together the best players in the world. Ellerstina Polo is the most important integral polo organization in the world. It has integrated all the stages that are developed in the polo area with prestige and excellence. The Ellerstina Polo property is located in the city of General Rodriguez, 70 km away from Buenos Aires. Osmo was chosen for the treatment of the wood of a new set of decks, pergolas and benches built in solid Lapacho wood. Lapacho wood is a type of Argentine wood of excellent quality widely used due to its strength and great resistance to weathering. For the treatment and care of this wood, Osmo Decking Oil 1281 Garapa was used to protect the surface.

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Osmo garapa 1281 decking oil

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