Half a Century Crafting Tailored Surfaces

Half-a-Century-Crafting-Tailored-Surfaces Osmo Canada Store

 For over five decades, Oslo Plateskredderi AS has been a trusted name in crafting bespoke worktops for kitchens, bathrooms, and dining areas. Their expertise encompasses a range of materials including wood, linoleum, laminate, Fenix, bamboo, stone, and steel. Alongside these surfaces, they skillfully create kitchen fronts and various interior elements customized to client specifications.

Wooden creations by Oslo Plateskredderi AS are distinctively finished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, which not only enhances the wood's innate beauty but also provides robust protection. A showcase of their craftsmanship is a bedroom installation featuring Oak veneer wall panels, elegantly integrated with LED lighting, and complemented by matching bedside tables—all uniformly treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil Tints 3051 Raw to ensure a natural and refined appearance.

Natural finished Oak wall panels with Polyx-Oil Raw Natural Oak Panels with Polyx-Oil Raw 3051

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