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A Taste of Italy with Osmo's Touch

A-Taste-of-Italy-with-Osmo-s-Touch Osmo Canada Store

Situated in the vibrant town square of Warendorf, home to one of Osmo's locations, is the delightful "In Mezzo" Restaurant. Renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine, In Mezzo has become a culinary hotspot, drawing patrons both locally and from afar. The restaurant prides itself on serving homemade Italian specialties, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of Italy.

In Mezzo extends its hospitality beyond its cozy interiors, inviting guests to dine alfresco in the bustling market square during the summer months. Here, tables bask under the sun, each one fortified with Osmo Decking Oil 1279 Douglas Fir. This ensures not just an aesthetically pleasing finish but also a durable surface that stands up to the rigorous demands of restaurant life. Moreover, the Osmo treated surfaces are health-safe, allowing direct contact with food, which is a testament to the thoughtful consideration of guest safety and comfort.

Tables with Osmo Decking Oil patio tables osmo decking oil
tabletops im mezzo osmo warendorf tables germany with osmo decking oil

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