Natural Harmony in a Modern Frame

Natural-Harmony-in-a-Modern-Frame Osmo Canada Store

In the architectural landscape of Singapore, a modern residence stands as a testament to the seamless blend of materials by Park Associates. The design combines glass, steel, and wood to craft a living space that radiates with light and openness. Despite the prevalence of glass and steel, the residence maintains a natural feel, thanks to the wooden elements used under the roof soffits and as cladding and privacy screens.

All wooden elements were installed and treated by Calvary Carpentry Pte Ltd who chose Accoya®—a high-performance acetylated timber known for its enhanced durability and stability. To safeguard this timber, especially from blue stain vulnerabilities, a preliminary treatment with Osmo WR Base Coat 4001 was essential. This base coat offers optimum protection against blue stain, rot and wood-destroying insects. After the impregnation, the timber was treated with an Osmo coating developed specifically for the project.

Osmo oil on accoya Osmo oil on accoya
Osmo oil on accoya Osmo oil on accoya
Osmo oil on accoya soffits Osmo oil on accoya home


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