Wonderful tiny houses treated with Osmo!

Wonderful tiny houses treated with Osmo! - Osmo Canada Store

Norske Mikrohus is a Norwegian manufacturer of environmentally friendly tiny houses on wheels. Tiny houses are complete homes with living and sleep areas, kitchen and bathroom - with integrated appliances. They are based on smart multi-functional solutions and are delivered with space-saving furniture for optimal area efficiency.

The tiny houses are produced in Norway, built from environmentally friendly materials, are energy efficient and leave a minimal footprint. This guarantees good quality and, at the same time, takes the environment into account. A lot of energy is put into design and development, and the tiny houses are designed with a feeling for space, plenty of light and the best possible utilization of the limited area.

Norske Mikrohus uses Osmo TopOil 3056 Clear Matte on all self-produced worktops, tables and shelves in their “Heim” tiny houses. Osmo Polyx®-Oil 3043 Clear Satin is used on all surfaces in “Tind” and “Rast” tiny houses.

Norske Mikrohus: @norske_mikrohus
All photos: Aksel Jermstad @byaksel

tiny house on wheels osmo tiny home kitchen osmo topoil
dining area tiny home osmo polyx oil kitchen tiny home osmo topoil
kitchen osmo topoil tiny home

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