Sophisticated Living by CDG Architects

Sophisticated-Living-by-CDG-Architects Osmo Canada Store

Crafted with precision by CDG Architects for a Singaporean family, this modern semi-detached home epitomizes elegance and practical design. Architect Eugene Seow steered the development with a vision to capitalize on the allowable building space, fostering expansive and quality living areas. The strategic inclusion of a large air well acts as the home's lung, channeling light and fresh air throughout its core.

Maintaining the natural allure of the home's engineered Oak flooring and ceiling panels, Osmo Polyx®-Oil Tints 3051 Raw has been used to preserve the wood's original hue, ensuring longevity and a touch of organic warmth. The home's exterior, featuring a front porch ceiling and main gate constructed from durable Accoya wood, receives optimal protection against the elements as well as mould, algae and fungal attack with two coats of Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain 708 Teak, providing peace of mind and a seamless blend of form and function

CDG Architects Singapore CDG Architects Singapore 2
CDG Architects Singapore Osmo Accoya CDG Architects Singapore Polyx Raw 3051
CDG Architects Polyx 3051 Raw flooring

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