Brewing Tradition with Modern Craft

Brewing-Tradition-with-Modern-Craft Osmo Canada Store

Juan Valdez Café, a Colombian coffee icon with a rich 60-year heritage, has expanded its global footprint to Argentina, joining over 13 countries in its embrace, including the US and Spain. Since January 2022, the café has been delighting Argentinians in Buenos Aires' Unicenter shopping mall, serving as both a vibrant spot to enjoy coffee and a retail space.

The store, spanning approximately 1,722 sq ft, was adorned with masterful woodwork by Vier Abinet (@vier.abinet.madera). The space features slatted wood cladding, a slatted ceiling, the bar/counter, and additional wooden furnishings, all contributing to the café's warm ambiance. To protect and enhance the wood's aesthetic, Osmo Polyx®-Oil 3043 Clear Satin was utilized, securing durability and a refined satin sheen, as highlighted on @osmo_argentina.

Juan Valdez Café Osmo Polyx Juan Valdez Café Osmo Polyx 3043 Satin
Polyx Oil 3043 tongue and groove Juan Valdez Café Osmo Polyx 3043 Satin Floors
Osmo Polyx countertop desk Juan Valdez Café Osmo Polyx Cladding

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