Osmo in the Heart of Nordic Design

Osmo in the Heart of Nordic Design

In Finland, the embrace of wooden aesthetics within private homes often features the superior touch of Osmo's treatments. Photographer and designer Ville Lehvonen (@omillakallioilla) chose to extend this tradition of excellence to his own home by incorporating Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil Tints 3075 Black for his bespoke entryway cabinet panel doors.

The crafting of these elegant doors was entrusted to the skilled artisans at Havune (@havune_oy), ensuring both quality and design met Ville's precise vision. Complementing the cabinet, an old milking stool, also tinted with the harmonious black shade, adds a layer of warmth and character, completing the entryway with a signature Nordic charm.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints 3075 Black Osmo Polyx-Oil Tints 3075 Black Panels

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