A Synergy of Design and Nature

A-Synergy-of-Design-and-Nature Osmo Canada Store

At the heart of La Rioja's urban tapestry, Osmo proudly partnered with the esteemed Rintala Eggertsson Architects at the Concéntrico 08 Architecture Festival, a beacon of architectural brilliance and community-centric design. The festival, held from September 1 to 6, 2022, in Logroño, Spain, is celebrated for its commitment to reimagining urban spaces and fostering a sense of community through 23 diverse interventions, from workshops to urban installations.

"The Hiber Space" pavilion, crafted by Finland's Rintala Eggertsson studio, graced an urban park by the Ebro River—anciently known as Hiber—offering a tranquil space for visitors to relish the river's gentle flow beneath the canopy of mature trees. This pavilion stands as a homage to the simple beauties of everyday life and a call to environmental stewardship.

Constructed with locally-sourced Pine and plywood, the pavilion's exterior resonates with the natural landscape, thanks to Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus 9271 Ebony and a bespoke grey tone that mirrors the bark of nearby birch and poplar trees.

Architect Sammi Rintala's heartfelt endorsement of Osmo's products underscores their integral role in his wood-based architectural projects, praising the ease of application, the natural finish that highlights the wood's texture, and the straightforward maintenance. Osmo's plant oil-based formulations align perfectly with Rintala's vision for sustainable, aesthetically pleasing structures, as shared with Joaco Alegre, Osmo Spain's Technical and Commercial Manager, at the festival's inauguration.

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