One-of-a-kind Osmo knife!

One-of-a-kind Osmo knife! - Osmo Canada Store

A special collaboration with N6 Knives: a company that breathes creativity and transforms it into unique chef’s knives made from the most exquisite materials. Two companies that work together to deliver a product with twice as much as creativity: experience the one-of-a-kind Osmo knife. A real collector’s item!  The handle of the knives are made of Ebony, Bird’s Eye Maple, Turkish Walnut, Purpleheart or Padauk. Quality and strong wood species that can take a beating, but of course they need to have good wood treatment. For optimal protection, the wood is treated with Osmo TopOil 3056 Clear Satin. With this treatment, the beauty of the wood grain really stands out. Besides that the wood is protected against dirt and moisture, which of course is terribly important for a knife that will be used in the kitchen a lot.

Kalēn, the owner of N6 Knives has been working in the catering industry for over 19 years, where he draws passion for chef’s knives. “I’ve had a dream for a long time to make my own knives. In the designs of my knives I try to be as original as possible. I’m always looking for new ways to make unique models”. The knives can therefore really be seen more as art than just a chef’s knife. The chef’s knives are handmade; the customer can express their own wishes for the knife which makes them unique.

topoil knife knife finished with osmo topoil
knife topoil knife handle osmo topoil

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