Duo-tone cerused surfaces with Wood Wax Finish

Duo-tone cerused surfaces with Wood Wax Finish - Osmo Canada Store

Colours are expressive and Wood Board & Colour (@woodboardandcolour) helps their clients express themselves by bringing colour into their interior spaces; in this case, a decorative wall that also serves as bed headboard. In this project, they used wire brushed and shou-sugi ban Pine which has been textured. Various Osmo Wood Wax Finish colours are then layered in a "Duo-Tone" technique where the first coat is allowed to dry, and then a second contrasting colour is brushed on and then squeegeed off the surface using a soft lipped trowel. For the top coat, Polyx®-Oil Original in various sheen levels was used.

duo tone wall wood wax finish Osmo duo tone surface
close up two tone hardwax oil wood board and colour logo

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