Bed built with no fasteners by @bauwoodworks

Bed built with no fasteners by @bauwoodworks - Osmo Canada Store

Can a solid wood bed be put together in just 2 or 3 minutes flat?

Of course, it can, and thanks to special wood joints, no tools are needed! The sides of this White Oak bed are simply inserted into each other with a large dovetail joint. Absolutely no metal was used in this bed, just a little glue along with the wood. For optimal wood protection, a final surface treatment was carried out with Osmo TopOil 3056 Clear Matte. The coating was applied with Osmo Hand Pad Holder and Oil Finish Application Fleece.

The bed was built by @bauwoodworks

oak bed osmo topoil oak bed osmo topoil front view
oak close up detail osmo topoil oak bed with can osmo topoil

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