The company was founded as trader of wood and building materials in 1878, in 1923 a modern planning mill was built, and already in 1964 the company segment for wood finishes was founded. So, the material wood and its treatment and processing have accompanied Osmo for many decades.

Osmo has about 280 employees at its headquarters in Warendorf and at both production sites in Warendorf and Münster.


The foundation of Osmo wood finishes has been based upon purified and refined natural resources through the last 30 years.

Osmo is committed to ensuring every single product sets a precedence of being ecologically and economically responsible and has been accredited by many international organizations for achieving this status. Low VOC emissions, non-toxic finishes and sustainable harvesting of natural ingredients are a few ways Osmo sets itself apart by being a globally responsible manufacturer. 

Due to the low amounts of solvents used in our products, the Osmo production facility has not been bound by the strict German emissions law since 1998, in addition to this our technical systems are also encapsulated to ensure that minimal emissions are able enter the atmosphere.