The best front door in the neighbourhood

The best front door in the neighbourhood - Osmo Canada Store

Swedish family-owned company Ekstrands Dörrar & Fönster AB has worked in the door and window industry for three generations. Their wide range includes Braid 180 in solid oak, a front door with unique braided appearance. This door was created in a collaboration between Ekstrands and White Architects, and is a perfect example of innovative design combined with functionality and high-quality production. Osmo UV Protection Oil was chosen for the protection of this beautiful door due to the 12X UV protection that the product creates to keep the Oak from greying with time. In addition to this the product is renewable and repairable and will make future refinishing fair easier by simply applying a fresh coat when the surface becomes weathered as this is one door you definitely do not want to take a sander to!

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braided door uv protection oil osmo

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