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Osmo products have an amazing versatility of use. In this case from Argentina, Osmo natural oils are applied to different areas of this private home. "Casa Sakura” (Sakura House) is an architectural project carried out by the Argentine architects of Estudio PK (@estudiopka). The panelling on the interior, exterior and ceiling as well as the staircase were made of solid Petiribí wood. The use of Osmo was key to giving life and a better finish and elegance to the wood. Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original 3043 Clear Satin for interior was used on the ceiling and staircase; Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Extra 420 for the doors, gates and exterior cladding.

casa sakura house outside front door uv protection oil
kitchen polyx oil 3043 kitchen ceiling polyx oil hardwax
front door uv protection oil stairs hardwax oil polyx

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