Recreating an antique look floor using Osmo products

Recreating an antique look floor using Osmo products - Osmo Canada Store

In the cityscape of Nantes, France, Saint Donatien Basilica is a dominate feature. In 2015, a fire left this historic place of worship in need of repairs. As a part of the renovation works, 5700 sq ft of Oak flooring were reworked. To create a suitable antique look for the flooring, the wood surfaces were left unsanded, were coloured with Osmo Oil Stain 3543 Cognac and are optimally protected with a final top coat of Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original 3031 Matte.

Oak finished flooring Osmo 3543 Cognac osmo oak finished floors
Osmo polyx hardwax-oil oak flooring
basilica osmo flooring hardwax oil

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