Embracing Heritage through Craftsmanship

Embracing-Heritage-through-Craftsmanship Osmo Canada Store

In Finland, a country rich with forested landscapes, wood is not merely a material but a cornerstone of culture and craftsmanship. Among the Finnish wood artisans is Vaarnii, a furniture company established in 2021 that champions the use of certified Finnish pine. Vaarnii entrusts local carpenters and factories to bring their robust and honest designs to life.

The brand's aesthetic—where sophisticated details meet a stark, brutalist edge—is brought to fruition by an international cohort of designers. Each piece is a narrative of the maker's skill and the distinctive traits of pine. Designed for longevity, Vaarnii's furniture is not just functional but an heirloom, aging with elegance and tenacity.

Aligned with Vaarnii's ethos of durability and natural beauty, Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original is the chosen protector of all their indoor furnishings, underscoring the wood's character and ensuring its legacy.

Discover Vaarnii's world of pine craftsmanship at www.vaarnii.com, and connect with their journey on Instagram @vaarnii and Facebook @vaarnii.oy.

vaarnii chairs Osmo Polyx 3043 vaarnii chair and table Osmo Polyx 3043
vaarnii highchair Osmo Polyx 3043 furniture with Osmo Polyx 3043
vaarnii low chair Osmo Polyx 3043

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