A Testament to Durability and Design

A-Testament-to-Durability-and-Design Osmo Canada Store

Harasov Inn stands as a distinctive complex in the Czech Republic, offering hospitality with its guest house and bistro since 2017. AU-MEX Ltd, a reputed supplier of wood materials and coatings, is proud to have contributed to this architectural gem as a contractor.

The building's Spruce wood cladding is the brainchild of innovative architectural design, meticulously planned not just for aesthetic appeal but also for resilience. The strategic combination of coatings and the unique application method ensured the cladding's long-term protection against the elements, which is vividly showcased in the structure's photographs.

To safeguard the wood from moisture, pests, mold, and fungal threats, a robust impregnation along with Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain in 900 White and 712 Ebony was selected. Six years on, and the cladding remains as pristine as when it was first applied—a remarkable feat given its location by a pond within a forest, subject to high humidity. This stands as a testament to the enduring quality of Osmo's coating systems.

Harasov Inn Osmo Wood Finish Harasov Inn Osmo Wood Finish Outside
Harasov Inn Osmo Wood Finish herringbone Harasov Inn Osmo Wood Finish 3
Harasov Inn Osmo Wood Finish Exterior Osmo Finish effect black and white triangles

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