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In a masterful blend of nature's splendor with striking architectural design, Chicago artist @theastergates has created a profound space for reflection with the Black Chapel Serpentine Pavilion. Located in the serene surroundings of Kensington Gardens, London, the Black Chapel stands as a monument to balance and contemplation.

The pavilion's impressive structure spans 201 square meters, with a 16-meter diameter and a 10.7-meter height, making it the grandest Serpentine Pavilion to date. The integral support of ATOL, a premier UK fire protection entity, ensured the wood's safety with Eco-Sol Flametect C-WD+ prior to finishing with Osmo Garden Colour 7505 Jet Black. This water-based, low-VOC, weather-resistant, and UV-stable finish grants an elegant, opaque satin sheen to the exterior, encapsulating the pavilion's aesthetic and protective needs.

Black Chapel Serpentine Pavilion London Black Chapel Pavilion Kensington Gardens Osmo Garden Colour Jet Black
Black Pavilion Kensington Osmo Garden Colour Osmo Jet Black Pavilion Wood finish

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