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Wood Reviver Power Gel



Wood Reviver Power Gel is a highly effective cleaning agent for the refreshing and cleaning of greyed exterior wood. Especially developed so that it can be easily painted, even on vertical areas as it has a special non-drop formula. The deep penetrating effect of the gel removes the greyed patina, with results showing as quick as 30 minutes!
  • 2.5L
  • 500mL
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  • Just wet wood, apply WR Power Gel, wait 30-minutes and scrub with water
  • Restores the natural characteristic of unweathered wood
  • Reverses greying and restores natural colour tone of wood
  • Quick, easy to use and harmless
  • Odourless and biodegradable

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2.5L, 500mL

  1. Ensure that surfaces to be treated are clean and free from all surface coatings and contaminates before treating.
  2. Remove coarse dirt, mould, algae or moss from greyed wood with a scraper, stiff broom or brush
  3. Dampen the wood with clean water
  4. Surface coatings such as paints, varnishes and stains must be fully removed prior to application

Always do a test area before starting any project and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the container at all times.

  1. Apply the gel generously along the wood grain using a stiff brush
  2. After approximately 20 minutes, scrub the wood with a stiff brush or abrasive pad
  3. Rinse off the gel with lots of clean water
  4. Allow approximately 24 to 48 hours for the colour of the timber to return
  5. Wood that has been grey / silver for a significant time may require a second application

Always wear gloves and protective eye wear when using this product.

Once treated, garden furniture and other garden wood should be treated further to offer the best all-round protection. We suggest trying our Osmo Wood Oil for decking, and all other exterior surfaces.

If surfaces treated with Osmo Wood Reviver Gel start to naturally grey again over time, simply repeat the steps laid out in the Preparation and Application sections.

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