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Polyx®-Oil Pure


Commercially designed

Osmo Polyx® Professional Hardwax-Oil is resistant to water and dirt, is extremely durable and smoothens wood surfaces whilst enhancing the natural beauty of the wood character. Solvent-free and under 50 g/L VOC offering an environmentally friendly alternative to professionals. Two coats are applied in one day (wet-on-wet) whereby the finish dries and cures within 8-12 hours!

  • 5125 Clear
  • 125mL
  • 1L
  • Sample Sachet (5mL)
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  • Two coats in one day – entire coating performed in one day
  • LEED Compliant – Low-VOC – Solvent-free
  • Extremely high coverage
  • Enhances the wood’s natural character
  • Resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine
  • Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children’s toys
  • Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake
  • No sanding necessary for spot repairs or future applications

Additional information

Weight N/A

5125 Clear


125mL, 1L, Sample Sachet (5mL)

Application Temp.

+5°C to 35°C

Approx. Coverage

30m²/L (320ft2/L) with two coats

Approx. Dry Time


Number of Coats

2 coats (wet-on-wet)

Surfaces must be clean and dry, removing all traces of dust and dirt before application (maximum moisture content 20%). Only apply on frost free surfaces. For guaranteed performance it is always recommended to remove all traces of a previous finish.

  • Existing oiled surfaces can be lightly rubbed back with meths then fully cleaned
  • Pre-existing varnishes and sealers must be completely removed via sanding or using a suitable product stripper
  • Use an appropriate porous filler if repairing small dents and holes


Apply two thin coats with an Osmo FloorxCenter® or floor-buffing machine, with green and white pads.

First Coat: Apply one thin coat with an Osmo Double Sided Scraper, Professional Scraper or other high quality trowel, and Osmo FloorxCenter® or single disc floor-buffing machine.

  1. Stir the Polyx®-Oil Pure well prior to use.
  2. Trowel the product thinly onto the floor using an Osmo Double Sided Scraper or similar.
  3. Disperse and polish the floor using a floor buffer and green pads.
  4. Allow approx. 35-45 minutes for product to penetrate surface
  5. Proceed immediately to second coat

Second Coat: Immediately after the first coat of Polyx®-Oil Pure, apply a second thin coat with a trowel and buffing machine.

  1. Trowel the second coat product thinly and evenly onto the floor.
  2. Allow approx. 35-45 minutes for product to penetrate surface
  3. Disperse and polish the floor, removing excess using a floor buffer and white pads
  4. There is too much material on the surface when you can see rings. If so, turn the pad over.
  5. Allow 8-10 hours drying time. Allow for good ventilation whilst drying

If using as a Polyx®-Oil Pure 5125 as a top coat over Polyx® Professional Colour Oils, proceed immediately to second-coat. Only one coat of Polyx-Oil is required over top of an Polyx® Professional Colour Oil therefore the first coat and its steps are omitted.

Tip: 13” (330mm) Pads on an Osmo FloorxCenter® will buff around 400ft2 before they require either flipping, or replacement


For small areas and furniture, apply two thin coats with a non-abrasive, white scotchbrite pad and a lint-free cloth.

  1. Stir the Polyx®-Oil Pure 5125 well and pour a small amount into a disposable container
  2. With a white scotchbrite pad work the product into the wood evenly in figure 8 or circular motions
  3. Be sure to thinly and evenly coat the surface and leave on the surface for approx. 35 minutes
  4. With a clean lint-free cloth, polish the surface ensuring no rings, wipe marks or blotches
  5. Ensure all excess product is removed from surface.
  6. Approx. 8-10 hours drying time. Allow for good ventilation whilst drying
  7. Apply second coat following steps 1-6

Tinting: Osmo Polyx® Professional Colour Oils can also be used to lightly tint Polyx®-Oil Pure 5125 up to a ratio of 10:1. Do not exceed a ratio of 10 parts Polyx®-Oil Pure 5125 to 1 part Professional Colour Oil.

Please Note: Oiled or waxed surfaces should not be cleaned with a steam cleaner or steam mop as this degrades the performance of the finish.

Regular cleaning

For daily maintenance a duster, mop or vacuum cleaner will be sufficient. An electric floor polisher is very useful. For optimal results surfaces should be treated with Osmo Wash and Care.

Deep cleaning

For persistent stains, remove with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner. This will also revive the appearance of the surface.


Renovating, even partially, is easy. Just clean and re-treat worn areas with a thin coat of Osmo Polyx-Oil – no sanding, no repair marks, no removal of previous Polyx-Oil finish. No repair marks will be visible if applied thinly and appropriately.

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