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Natural oil based protective finish for exterior wood that does not peel, crack, flake or blister. Microporous, breathable finish allowing the wood to breath and reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage. Water-repellent, extremely weather and UV resistant. Easy to apply as well as renew, no sanding or primer necessary. When dry, the finish is safe for humans, animals and plants and is suitable for children’s toys as per EN 71.3 (European norm).
  • 1272 Thermowood
  • 1273 Bangkirai Dark
  • 1274 Mahogany
  • 1275 Grey
  • 1276 Rosewood
  • 1277 Teak Clear
  • 1278 Bangkirai
  • 2.5L
  • 750mL
  • Sample Sachet (5mL)
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Note: The above colour shades are a true likeness of the original, after application onto Bangkirai, Teak and Larch. Products may be applied to any wood species, however, some variation may occur due to species variation, screen brightness and uploading processes. It is advisable to test colours on a small sample, as some colours may appear differently on other wood species.

  • Effectively colours pressure treated and untreated woods
  • Natural wood character and grain remains visible
  • UV-Resistant (except Teak 1277)
  • Microporous finish that will not crack, peel or flake
  • Safe for animals and plants once dry – naturally!
  • Very water and dirt resistant – water beads on surface
  • Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage
  • No sanding necessary for future applications
  • German quality = Easy application with professional excellent results

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Application Temp.

+5°C to 35°C

Approx. Coverage

24m²/L (258ft2/L) with one coat

Approx. Dry Time


Number of Coats

2 coats


1272 Thermowood, 1273 Bangkirai Dark, 1274 Mahogany, 1275 Grey, 1276 Rosewood, 1277 Teak Clear, 1278 Bangkirai


2.5L, 750mL, Sample Sachet (5mL)

  1. Decking boards must be clean, dry and frost-free prior to applying Osmo Decking Oil.
  2. Old paints, varnishes and other coatings must be removed by sanding or stripping back to clean, bare wood
  3. Old applications of oil based treatments or stains need to be cleaned or lightly sanded
  4. If sanding, use a 80 to 100 grit sandpaper and remove all traces of sanding dust before oiling
  5. Hardwoods with an especially high content of oil, leave to weather for about 2 to 3 months (in winter up to 5 months) or using Osmo Decking Cleaner to degrease the surface
  6. Hard wood with a high content of natural wood extractives needs to weather off (for at least 4 weeks) before the initial treatment or to be cleaned with Osmo Decking Cleaner
  7. Resinous wood e.g. Larch or Douglas Fir needs to weather off for at least 6 weeks
  8. Pressure impregnated wood, Massaranduba, Bangkirai or Garapa need to weather off for at least 3 months
  9. Use Osmo Wood Reviver Gel (6609) to clean the wood surface and remove greying before applying a decking oil

Always do a test area before starting any project to check suitability and compatibility. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tin at all times.

The type and age of timber can have a dramatic impact on how much Decking-Oil you need. As an example, softwood decking that is old will likely require more oil than a relatively new hardwood decking that still retains a fair amount of natural oil.

To test how much oil your decking needs, apply one thin coat, allow to dry, then apply a droplet of oil in a corner. If the droplet of oil soaks into the wood then a further coat can be applied. Repeat this process until the droplet of oil sits as a bead on the surface of the wood and no longer soaks in to the timber. This is an indication that the timber has absorbed as much oil as possible and doesn’t require any more.

Stir the contents of the tin thoroughly before and periodically during use.

  1. Use an application brush or decking applicator to apply the decking oil thinly and evenly, along the wood grain
  2. For a quick and easy application, we recommend using the Osmo Floor Brush which is perfect for decking and allows for the decking oil to be applied from a standing position when used with the Osmo Telescopic Handle
  3. When applying decking oil, If possible apply the first coat on all sides of the decking boards before installation
  4. Wipe off any excess decking oil and allow 10 to 12 hours drying time, with good ventilation, then apply the 2nd coat – also thinly

Regular Cleaning

To preserve the look and performance of the oiled finish for longer, it is recommended that decked areas are swept with a stiff broom on a regular basis. This is to remove loose leaves, dirt and other organic matter that can settle on the deck and in the grooves, which can degrade or damage the finish and decking timbers over time.

Deep Cleaning

For deeper cleaning, to remove scuff marks, stains, grease or other contaminants, we recommend the use of Osmo Decking Cleaner and Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel.


If the decking finish starts to look worn or tired over time as a result from heavy foot traffic or weathering, simply apply a fresh coat of Osmo Decking-Oil following the Preparation and Application instructions above.

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