Starbucks Argentina Brews in Style

Starbucks-Argentina-Brews-in-Style Osmo Canada Store

Starbucks Argentina continues its tradition of integrating Osmo Polyx®-Oils for the wooden elements of its latest coffee haven, nestled in the upscale Alcorta Shopping Mall, in Buenos Aires' chic Palermo district. The store, a blend of sophistication and comfort, has chosen the classic Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original 3043 Satin to protect and enhance the American Oak wood surfaces that grace its walls, furniture, and counters.

This Osmo finish not only guarantees protection but also adds a refined luster that complements the store's ambiance. Patrons of this café are treated to more than just exquisite coffee; they experience the smooth texture and understated sheen of Osmo's premium product as they gather at the tables.

The expert woodworking for this establishment was executed by @vier.abinet.madera, a renowned Argentine company with an impressive repertoire, including the development of over 60 Starbucks stores across Argentina and Uruguay, all featuring the trusted quality of Osmo Polyx®-Oil finishes.

starbucks Polyx-Oil starbucks polyx-oil panels
starbucks polyx-oil 3043 polyx-oil finish starbucks
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