Crafting Spaces for Well-being Through Art and Design

Crafting-Spaces-for-Well-being-Through-Art-and-Design Osmo Canada Store

Isabelle Hagen, an alumna of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, explores the profound impact of environmental design on human well-being in her art and design journey. Her quest for meaning as a designer is fueled by the potential of spatial design to enhance the quality of life, not only aesthetically but also through its tangible physical effects.

Hagen's acclaimed creation, "Be- in," is an embodiment of meditative art that invites individuals to a space of introspection and release from societal bounds. Encased within this wooden spherical sanctuary, one's senses are heightened—the scent of wood, the interplay of movement and light—all converging to foster a harmonious body-mind nexus.

Comprising 275 Birch plywood triangles, the complexity of "Be- in" is matched by its meticulous treatment with Osmo products, ensuring resilience against diverse climatic conditions. A palette of Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain colors—731 Oregon Pine, 732 Light Oak, 702 Larch, and 701 Clear Matt—alongside Osmo Decking Oil 1278 Bangkirai, not only enhances the artwork's visual allure but also imparts robust protection, securing the longevity of Hagen's vision

Osmo natural oil woodstain Osmo natural oil woodstain detail
Osmo natural oil woodstain detail 2 Osmo natural oil woodstain plans
Osmo natural oil woodstain closeup

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