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Crafting-Original-Handmade-Marvels Osmo Canada Store

WarsztART stands as a bastion of originality and creativity in the world of manufacturing, championed by designer, artist, and technician Mariusz Płoński. Mariusz's clarion call to consumers is to forsake mass-produced items in favor of the distinctive charm of handmade creations, where each item is not just a product but a narrative of creativity and a fragment of the artisan's spirit. WarsztART's offerings, like their one-of-a-kind tables, are not just additions to one's living space but a centerpiece of conversation and awe.

Embracing sustainability, WarsztART frequently repurposes materials, such as old fruit crates, giving them a new lease on life. The wooden surfaces are finished with Osmo coatings, primarily Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original 3031 Clear Matte, to optimally shield against grime while preserving the wood's natural allure.

A recent standout piece from WarsztART is ZEGARO, an impressive Oak wall clock fashioned in the likeness of a wristwatch. Its dial, crafted from reclaimed fruit crates, manifests the brand's ethos of inventive reclamation. This timepiece, which can be oriented both vertically and horizontally, is a testament to WarsztART's dedication to environmental consciousness and is coated in Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original for enduring beauty and protection.

Mariusz Płoński clock Polyx Mariusz Płoński Polyx 3043 Satin
Mariusz Płoński table with inlays Polyx Live edge table Polyx Oil bowties

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