Crafting elegance from nature

Crafting elegance from nature - Osmo Canada Store

Simon Bågstam transitioned from 11 years of crafting wooden boats and intricate interior carpentry in his own business to pursuing furniture design. His three-year study at Malmstens Linköping University culminated in a degree that now underpins his home-based Furniture Design Company.

Here, Simon's workshop allows him to prototype and realize innovative designs. Drawing inspiration from his boat-building roots, Simon infuses his creations with a similar craftsmanship, evident in his exam project, the “Essing” lounge chair, which echoes the aesthetics of wooden boats with its oak, copper, and tar elements. Committed to environmental stewardship, he starts every design with a wood structure.

For “Essing,” he applied Osmo Oil Stain 3590 in black to the oak and finished it with a protective layer of Osmo Polyx-Oil for durability.

Discover more about Simon’s journey and portfolio on Instagram at @simonbagstam.


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Simon Bågstam Essing lounge chair
Essing lounge detail oil stain 3590 black on essing lounge chair

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