A Pioneering Timber High-Rise in Nagoya

A-Pioneering-Timber-High-Rise-in-Nagoya Osmo Canada Store

The Kanayama Wood City Building stands as a daily spectacle for the 400,000 train passengers in Nagoya City, Japan, pioneering the Nagoya Wood City Concept. This initiative aims to enrich urban value by integrating medium-scale wooden buildings into the city's heart, inspired by the Wood City project in Helsinki, Finland. Dr. Daishi Sakaguchi of Nihon Fukushi University, with insights gleaned from his studies in Helsinki, championed this forward-thinking concept.

Constructed with a synergistic mix of cross laminated timber (CLT) and laminated wood for its structural elements, the high-rise showcases efficiency in construction, reducing both time and costs. Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin and Osmo Polyx®-Oil Original have been meticulously applied to the walls, floors, and stairs, providing optimal protection and a tribute to the timber's natural beauty.

The design also features wooden exterior louvers with varying lengths and depths, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes to embrace wood's natural patination. These louvers are safeguarded against the elements with Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain in a bespoke colour, ensuring durability amidst wind and rain.

This architectural endeavor, designed by Daishi Sakaguchi of Studio KOIVU, embodies a sustainable and aesthetic vision. The design resonates through its intricate details and innovative use of wood materials. Discover more about Studio KOIVU's work at studiokoivu.com.

Kanayama Wood City Building with Osmo Oil Stain Kanayama Wood City Facade with Osmo Oil Stain
Kanayama Wood City Building with Osmo Oil Stain Kanayama Wood City Building with Osmo Wood Wax Extra Thin Finish
Staircase with Osmo Polyx-Oil Interior Doors with Osmo Polyx-Oil

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