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What is The Best Finish for Wood Countertops?

There are many types of wood finishes out there, but the best finish for wood countertops is one that is food-safe, spill-resistant, water-resistant, chemical-resistant, and is easy to maintain and upkeep. You will also have to decide whether or not you want a clear...

Wood Finishes 101

All wood needs to be finished with a product in order to prevent swelling, cracking, and stains. In addition to protection, a good wood finish will enhance the appearance of the wood as well. There are many different types of wood finishes out there that all serve...

Planning Your Wood Finishing Technique

Wood finishing is the process in which you protect a wooden surface, and enhance the look of the wood. All wood needs to be protected when manufactured to prevent damage from moisture, discolouration, and to make it easier to clean, sanitize, and touch. There are many...
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